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We are a global digital marketing agency for FinTech and Blockchain projects

We are a global digital
marketing agency for FinTech
and Blockchain projects

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We are Adrox IO

We develop incredible solutions for crypto creators, crypto and fintech companies to help them create and distribute content that sets global trends on digital platforms.


years of experience


marketing solutions


campaigns worldwide

Work with 150+

exchanges, trading platforms and fintech companies

Own data analytic platform with more than 6 mln influencers worldwide on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and more

Explore our solutions

We have a proven record of successful marketing campaigns for crypto and fintech companies and we know how to make any marketing campaign work. Our process is simple and effective and our team is passionate and looking to bring your company to the next level. Check out our solutions!

Influencer Marketing

We do full-service influencer marketing campaigns with 2,100 influencers worldwide in YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, Discord.

Paid media and Google Ads

Get relevant traffic, leads, new users, and revenue via Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads.

PR & Sponsored articles

We provide PR strategy development and implementation including crypto and business media, opinion leaders, prereleases and distribution of news, and a lot more for your project.

Why don't we list the price range, you might ask?

You must be wondering what the prices for our services are and why they are not listed on the website. We perfectly understand you, but the thing is that Adrox operates based on the principle of individual approach to each client.

Thus, it is pointless to set a specific price or create some fixed packages of services, because each customer has different requirements, which directly affects the final price. Therefore, if you are interested in working with Adrox, make sure to contact us individually in order to discuss all the financial-related questions.

For Fintech companies

We develop advanced solutions for Fintech companies to help them create, distribute and monetize content on many different digital platforms.

For Crypto companies

We provide more than 10 different effective marketing services for crypto companies to grow community, to get new users, deposits, trading volume.

Our team




Head of Strategy


Head of Business Development


Project Manager

Ready to rock out your growth?

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